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Planning for your future? Our Goal Calculator will help you to find out how much you need to save.

Simplify the financial planning required to achieve your goals by using our Goal Calculator. Find out the monthly investment amount required to achieve your financial goal.

Calculate how much money you need to save for your child’s future education. Input your child’s current age, when they will start college, and duration of their education into the Education Calculator. Get an estimate of the corpus required to put your child through college.

Education Calculator

Child's age today

Start College at age

Duration of education

Approx Current Cost per year

Any savings for Education already done ?

Expected rate of return

Expected Inflation rate

Calculate Result


Corpus Required at start of College (Rs.)


Your existing savings will grow to (Rs.)


Shortfall to be covered (Rs.)

6,50,075 Lumpsum amount or 9012 Monthly SIP

To meet this Goal you must Invest (Rs.)

Want to plan a lavish wedding for your child? Find out how much money you need to save every month with our Marriage Calculator. Add the amount you’ve already saved, your child’s age, and how much you plan to spend on the wedding. Get an estimate of the corpus required to cover your child's wedding expenses.

Marriage Calculator

What is age of your child today

At what age your child will get married

How much expenditure is required for wedding at today's cost

Annual Savings presently

Already saved for marriage of your child

Expected rate of return

Expected Inflation rate

Calculate Result


Inflation adjusted future cost of marriage of your child(Rs.)


Future value of your annual savings(Rs.)


Your existing savings will grow to (Rs.)


Additional funds required to meet expenses(Rs.)

Live comfortably after retirement by planning your investment amount accurately. Input your expected retirement age, monthly household expense, and an estimated rate of return and find out the amount you need to accumulate. Get an estimate of savings required to take care of your post retirement Household expenses.

Retirement Calculator

Your Current Age

Your Retirement Age

Monthly household expenses for your current lifestyle

Estimated rate of Inflation

Your current monthly savings

How much you have already saved for your retirement

Estimated Pre Retirement Return

Estimated Post Retirement Return

Life Expectancy

Calculate Result


Years left for retire


Your Monthly household expenses after retirement


Your targeted savings at retirement age 60.0


Amount you will accumulate with current monthly savings


Your existing savings will grow to


Total savings at the time of retirement


Shortfall in savings


Extra saving per month required to take care of shortfall


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Plan your dream holiday by making an accurate savings plan. Add the future value you need and the annual rate of investment you expect. Get an estimate of how much you need to save to visit your dream places.

Vacation Calculator

Future amount required

Investment horizon

Annual return you expect to earn on investment


Calculate Result


Inflation adjusted cost will be Rs.1,33,82,256/-. You need to invest
Rs.1,63,858/- per month to fulfill your goal.